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These are the basic comma rules. If you learn them or keep a copy of them with you whenever you write, you will solve 98% of your comma problems.

  • Put a comma before and, but, for, or, nor, so, and yet when they connect two independent clauses (sentences that can stand alone).

    She hit the shot, and he cheered for her.

  • Separate three or more items in a series with a comma.

    We want to protect cats, dogs, and horses.

  • Put a comma after an introductory word group.

    Because I was hungry, I bought a hamburger.

  • Set off interrupters with pairs of commas, pairs of parentheses, or pairs of dashes.

    The hamburger, hot and juicy, tasted great. The hamburger - which was hot and juicy - tasted great. The hamburger (made from ground beef and tofu) tasted great.

  • Put commas around the name of a person or group spoken to.

    I hope, Carlene, that you're going with me.

  • Put commas around an expression that interrupts the flow of the sentence.

    We took our fishing rods, therefore, and got into the boat.

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