What is 0^0

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asked on 21 Jan 2011
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According to some Calculus textbooks, 0^0 is an indeterminate form. When evaluating a limit of the form 0^0 , then you need to know that limits of that form are calledindeterminate forms'', and that you need to use a special technique such as L'Hopital's rule to evaluate them. Otherwise, 0^0 = 1 seems to be the most useful choice for 0^0 . This convention allows us to extend definitions in different areas of mathematics that otherwise would require treating 0 as a special case. Notice that 0^0 is a discontinuity of the function x^y.

This means that depending on the context where 0^0 occurs, you might wish to substitute it with 1, indeterminate or undefined/nonexistent.

answered on 21 Jan 2011
Joe Seb Joe Seb
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